Duke of Wellington, Notting Hill, roast

Sunday Roast

My weekend involved excessive amounts of exercise as my newly acquired Nike Fuel Band kept telling me to move. After a 20km bike ride and a 5km walk I was ravenous and only one meal could help me recover,  a roast. I love roasts but I fear eating them in pubs as they are usually pretty rubbish. I ordered the roast beef but I was fairly nervous as I don’t like it overcooked. After an eternity the plate arrived and I was relieved to see the beef was medium, phew. The roast was delicious (although I think my vegetables are better) and the gravy was pretty good. It also occurred to me that the primary drawback of having a pub roast is that you can’t have 2nds (and 3rds). In future I will go home for my roasts as at least I will be guaranteed to have the option of refilling my plate.

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