A-Z, B, Mandalay

A – Z of World Cuisines – B is for Burmese

For B, we decided to dare another totally unknown culinary territory: Burmese cuisine. So we crossed the city (at least some of us did) to meet at Mandalay on Edgware Road. It was lucky that we were a numerous bunch (8 of us, a record since launch) as we got a bit over excited by the exotic names on the menu. We ended up ordering a large share of the proposed dishes, which affordability helped. So many that we had to write down our choices. As the picture testifies,  we were brave enough to order calabash fritters, even after having been told some people died of drinking too much juice from this unusual cucurbitaceae.  Actually, we might have gone for quite too many fritters that were all a bit similar. The main dishes were nice and filling, mixing quite interestingly Asian and Indian influences. The pickled lamb and the twice cooked fish did stand out. Unfortunately, there was no room left for dessert. The house wine was a bargain (£8 the bottle) and did taste like it. We can’t complain, Burma is no reknown wine country. We highly recommend a trip to the loo that adds a bit of adventure to the evening (don’t forget the keys to the padlock). 

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