A-Z, C, Lemongrass

A – Z of World Cuisines – C is for Cambodian

The next stop on our tour of world cuisines was Lemongrass near Camden Road, the only Cambodian restaurant in the UK. The menu had a mixture of South Asian cuisine and Cambodian specialties so we ordered a variety of set menus to share and an amok (a classic Cambodian fish curry). The food came in epic proportions and was all beautifully cooked and presented.  The starters included leek cakes, spring rolls, golden triangles and chicken satay. They were surprisingly light despite being fried (definitely a contrast to the starters at Mandalay). We then shared an exquisite seafood soup and crispy duck. By this point we were getting fairly full and we hadn’t even reached the main courses. Lok luk steak and amok among others then appeared. These continued to be of a very high quality and we were ready to explode by the end. Sadly we failed to reach dessert due to our gluttony but Cambodian was definitely an overall success.

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