A-Z, D, Nordic Bar

A – Z of World Cuisines – D is for Danish

We struggled to manage our D evening but it finally happened despite a hurricane, a hangover and a stiff neck. And actually, the Nordic Bar was the right place where to recover from all this. Drinks kicked off the evening properly: pints of Tuborg, proper Danish beer, and some champagne cocktails with lingonberries and cloudberries Danish twist. Then shared starters stared delicious Danish pickled herrings I could have made my whole diner of. For the main, the Pytt I Pana, the Nordic equivalent of bubble and squeak, was the perfect comfort food to refuel. Even though we were full as an egg, we could not resist a bite of Daim pie for dessert, especially served to us from the lunch menu (OK, Daim pie  is actually Swedish but we might not have had another chance soon…). The waitresses who took care of us were extremely friendly. We definitely have to come back in better shape and try out table tennis and fussball, and some more cocktails!

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