A-Z, E, El Rincon Quiteno

A – Z of World Cuisines – E is for Ecuadorian

Ecuadorian or Eritrean? E was a difficult letter to decide but we found an answer through democracy. We put it to a vote and Ecuadorian won so we ventured to El Rincon Quiteno on Holloway Road to continue our quest. The restaurant was small and welcoming with Ecuadorian flags hanging on the wall. The menu was extensive and a tad overwhelming, where to start! Thankfully we all agreed to share so that we could try as many items on the menu as possible. The restaurant is a meat eaters heaven and we ordered copious amounts of food – we were greeted with meat patties, ceviche, plantain, steak, beans and lamb stew. The food was hearty and warming, and the portions were huge! We stunned the waiter with our capacity for food but it was all so delicious we couldn’t stop. Again, we just couldn’t fit in dessert but the other courses were just too good. It was great value for money and at the weekends they have a wider variety of Ecuadorian dishes available. 

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