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A-Z of World Cuisines – F is for Filipino

We checked our dictionary and made sure that the cuisine from the Philippines was spelt with an F. Thankfully it was, as Filipino cuisine was a delightful experience. We headed east of Tower Hill, to Cirilo’s noodle bar, in historic Cable Street. Our very sweet waiter helped us to choose among all the meals with unknown names. We started by sharing a mix of Asian starters: crispy duck (that was a top one), spring rolls and chicken skewers. Then, someone (who won’t be named) would not share their main. We nonetheless managed to cover the range of traditional Filipino dishes. Sinigang is a deliciously flavoured tamarin-based soup. We had our good share of fragrant grilled meat with adobo, sisig, kare-kare and mechado. All nicely accompanied by fried spiced rice. As usual, we had no room for dessert despite the intriguing yet intelligible description by the waiter. Filipino was a great discovery, balancing light spices and rich taste. The kindness of the service made the evening even more agreeable. Definitely a place to come back to!

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