A rough week

This has definitely not been the best week of my life. I have been pretty ill and spent most of my time in bed or lying on the sofa. There have been some highlights so life isn’t all bad.

The hospital
I got to experience the Indian Healthcare system and it was generally a positive experience. The doctor who came to visit me at the apartment was rather unconventional as he used a giant house torch to check my throat and I’m not convinced the thermometer was sterile. Next stop – the hospital! This was a positive experience, the staff all came to me to declare their football team preferences (unsurprisingly mainly Manchester United fans) and were very caring. I watched like a hawk to check they used sterile needles for the drip and then I started to relax. After 3 hours of medicines I had to contend with the billing and pharmacy process. In India you have to replenish all the medicine used whilst in emergency unit, so I went to the pharmacy, bought all the medicines used for the drip and returned them to the emergency unit. Bizarre!



Unfortunately the antibiotics killed all bacteria in my stomach so eating any food is a painful experience. I’m on my 6th day of barely eating and I am dreaming of sandwiches, pizza and kebabs!

I’ve been introduced to curd rice, a sour yogurt with rice and this has been a core part of my diet. The most I have managed to eat in a day is half a bowl. It is inoffensive but I’m sure I will never want it again once I’m better!


Being ill alone abroad is never ideal, there is no one to bring you a slice of toast or get you medicine. You still have to be self sufficient.

However people here have been wonderful!! My colleagues have visited me and are returning this weekend. They even brought me fruit!


A kind gentleman from the gym has also been concerned. He helped with getting medicines and checking how I was everyday. He also got me a gift.


Definitely a trying week but I’m lucky to have such wonderful people around me.

1 thought on “A rough week”

  1. Thinking of you and your quick recovery! So glad you’ve got people there to check up on you. Know that you have people on this side of the world too 🙂 Get better soon so you can eat more and regain your health (and so you can post all these yummy foodie blogs)! Sending you positive vibes and tons of great energy!



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