14.34, Georgia

14.34 – Day 5 – Mestia

At 2.34pm I was having a rest on the side of the road in the shade, blissfully unaware that I had another 6 hours to go! I asked for advice on a hike and I failed to ask key questions such as how long does it take and how difficult is it. I have honestly never done a hike this strenuous – in total it was 7 hours round trip and was incredibly steep (over 900m elevation). It was challenging but I met a Polish mother and daughter under a tree so I hiked with them as well as a Turkish guy we met near the top. We got lost on the way down, so ended up off the path and free climbing up the side of it on hands and feet! The sign posting was pretty and only after the hike did I realise there was an easier route to take up the mountain šŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø.

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