Home Kong

The Journey begins

Welcome to my blog!

I have dabbled in the world of blogging on and off for years. I had a bumpy start – I initially started blogging in Vietnam on my good bye tour however 4 days in my laptop broke! When I returned to the constraints of office work in London, I began blogging my lunches to make my work days more interesting and to encourage me to continue exploring new lunch venues. The scope of my blog expanded and documented my travels across Russia, India, Romania and Hong Kong. However I was a WordPress novice and the blog needed an overhaul to improve structure (frankly it is a mess!)

Being overwhelmed by the amount of updating this would require, I have decided to start afresh with a new Instagram and Blog dedicated to the loves in my life: travel, food and photography.

Who knows where this blog will take me, but in the word of T.S. Eliot:

“The journey not the arrival matters.”


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