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Afternoon Tea – Dr Fern’s

Being a lover of Gin and Tonic and afternoon tea, Dr Fern’s offering has been high on my list for a while. It is hidden at the bottom of the Landmark and having the parents over in the 852 was the perfect excuse for a visit.

My parents loved the decor and being greeted by “Doctors’ in lab coats. The afternoon tea is HKD498 for two, which is incredibly awkward if you come as an odd number as you have to pay extra! I really hope they address this because it seems unfair to me.

Being a gin parlour, it seemed only right to upgrade the afternoon tea to include a gin and tonic. The gin and tonic was delicious as usual and my parents were pleasantly surprised (note – they are used to Beefeater and Schweppes tonic).

For the food, it wasn’t your typical finger sandwiches – instead they served bruschetta, duck confit and a mini cheese toastie. The toastie was wonderful and my favourite part of the savoury selection.

The scone came with fig jam – which is great if you like fig.  I enjoyed it but traditionalists may be less keen on this controversial choice of jam.

The finishing touch was a mini lemon tart and earl grey brûlée. I was pleasantly surprised by both, particularly the brûlée as I am not usually a fan.

Overall I enjoyed the afternoon tea but I will be honest, I wasn’t stuffed at the end of it. My experiences of afternoon tea have been of stuffing my face with so many sandwiches and cakes that I can barely breathe by the end. It was pleasant not being uncomfortably full (especially as we were going out for dinner) but I did miss some of the traditional elements of an afternoon tea.

The Decor


The Menu


The Food



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