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Co Thanh

I love Vietnamese food but it is generally of low quality in Hong Kong, despite its relative proximity to Vietnam!

Co Thanh is inspired by the Lunch Lady in Saigon (of Anthony Bourdain fame) and offers a limited menu of soups, banh mi and a la carte dishes.

When I lived in Saigon, Banh Uot was my breakfast food of choice everyday – rice sheets with processed pork, some leaves and fish sauce. I look back on this dish fondly so was thrilled to find it on the menu at Co Thanh.

This was definitely a bit fancier than the version I’m used to but I enjoyed the different textures from crunch onions and bean sprouts to the soft rice noodle sheets. I would have liked a little more fish sauce (I love it so much, I could drink it!) but I was pleased that they put so much effort into their fish sauce. I generally despair when I try it in Hong Kong as it is poorly executed.

I’m a glutton so I wish it had been bigger, but it was an enjoyable dish!

Picture of open kitchen:

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