And Beyond, Ubud

Day 2 – Ubud – Food review

Breakfast at Luxe Villas

They provided a wonderful spread – you could pick anything off the menu and there didn’t appear to be a limit to what you could order! I went for eggs royale, which was perfectly executed. The Hollandaise sauce was spot on and the eggs were still runny – just how I like them!

Buffet Lunch – Mason Adventures

I know I’m getting fussier in my old age, a lukewarm buffet doesn’t do it for me. They had a selection of Western and Asian dishes but nothing to write home about. I went for the fried rice and sate fish – at least it was edible!

Melting Wok

This petite restaurant was recommended by Luxe Villas and they suggested I make a booking as it is so popular!

The menu is concise – curries with either rice and noodles. I find it encouraging when the menu is limited – it makes me believe (or at least) hope that they will have mastered the dishes they serve.

I went for chicken curry with noodles at the recommendation of the restaurant. It was delicious – lighter than a Thai curry but still flavourful. They gave me medium spicy which was perfect – it had the right amount of kick without being overpowering.

Mystery Street Market

I met up with my rafting tour guide who took me out of town on his bike, to a market where the locals go for food and shopping.

I don’t know the name of the dish or the market as I was in his capable hands. The dish was sate with bean sprouts, veg and tofu. It was tasty but I was still fairly full from curry so didn’t eat as much as I would have liked.

This was definitely more local and would be keen to come back when more stalls were open.

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