And Beyond, Labuan Bajo

Where to eat in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a dusty town in Flores and tourism has exploded there due to its proximity to Komodo National Park. Having done no research on the town before I went, I assumed there would be no little / no western food and that it would be fairly underdeveloped – how wrong I was. It was more of a struggle to find local food on the main strip than western! I was also less inclined to search out local food as I was starting to get sick.

La Cucina – An Italian restaurant which has a small terrace, perfect for watching sunset over the bay. It is very popular so I would strongly advise that you book. They predominantly offer pizzas and pasta and they are high quality. The bruschetta is very garlicky so not recommended if you will be in close proximity to anyone soon after!!

Bajo Taco – it has a lovely rooftop where you can view sunset and enjoy happy hour. It had all the classics – fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, chips and dip. I only tried the pork tacos, which I sadly forgot to photo. They were enjoyable but I was sad that avocados were not in season so there was no guacamole to be had (but also pleased that they respect seasonality of fruit and veg.)

Burger Time – As the name indicates, this place specialises in burgers and you can pick and mix the ingredients. The burger looks huge but wasn’t as heavy as I feared and was delicious. I also tried the hot dog and I really couldn’t believe it wasn’t pork (it was made of beef.) The cookies were also incredible and a welcome treat after a long day in Komodo National Park.

Bajo Bakery – this is adjoined to Bajo Taco and as the name suggests, specialises in all things bread. I went for breakfast and the portions were HUGE, I was even given a mini loaf . The eggs were not the finest scrambled eggs in the world but to be honest they were in line with expectations when travelling in Asia.

Cafe in Hit – hipster coffee places have reached Labuan Bajo and this was definitely my favourite. The coffee was delicious, the banana cake had chocolate chips which they then heated (YUM) and the staff were very friendly.

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