And Beyond, Ubud

Day 1 – Ubud – Food Review

Due to travelling and an early start, all I had for breakfast was a roti bun (coffee bun) so by 3pm I was starving! I then went on an eating and drinking rampage.

Bali Beverages

I tried a craft pilsner, a rose and a Riesling. The beer was drinkable, nothing outstanding but it was refreshing. The wine was dry (positive) but there’s a reason Bali isn’t known on the international wine scene. It doesn’t compare to European wines but at least I can say I tried them.

Dinner – Part 1

I was given 2 dinner recommendations and couldn’t decide so did the sensible thing – I tried both.

First stop was Arang for sate, I opted for pork and chicken. It was delicious!!! Nicely seasoned, flavourful and tender. I could have gladly devoured more of these skewers and would definitely go back.

Dinner – Part 2

Next stop was Hujan Local and it was pretty fancy. The menu caters for varying requirements – meat, fish, vegetarian, gluten free, nut free. I asked for a recommendation and they suggested beef short rib with bone marrow in black nut sauce.

When it was served, I was slightly freaked by the sight of a hard boiled egg (lingering childhood fear). I managed to navigate around it thankfully and it was worth the effort. The meat was super tender and the sauce was rich but moreish. They had some other interesting dishes with jack fruit which I would be keen to try another time.

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